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All - Week 8

Pastor Robert Kennedy continues our series entitled "ALL".

We've been doing a series entitled all and I'm going to read a passage out of Second Thessalonians. Second Thessalonians, the first chapter or the first chapter there, and just giving you a little bit of setting. Paul had recently written a letter only months earlier, Paul had written a letter, the first letter of Thessalonians, to the church of Thessalonica and was encouraging them in their suffering, just to continue to walk to continue to endure through the persecution that they were going through, and to look forward to the day of the Lord, the day of the Lord was coming and in the first letter, he's talking about be encouraged those that are asleep. Pastor Danny, "Those that that have gone on before us, we don't have to mourn with those that have no hope that, the Lord Himself is going to descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of Archangel, and the dead and crush you Ross verse and we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the air, so, encourage one another". He had written that and now just a few months later, he's writing a second letter, because they had already started scratching their head going, "Oh, no, as the day of the Lord already happened, or they're already getting all bent out of shape and some are teaching this and some are teaching that".

So, he writes this second letter, and y'all I couldn't get past the opening of the second letter, and it really spoke to my spirit. Second, Thessalonians chapter one, verse three, he says, "We ought always to give thanks to God for you, brothers, as it is right because your faith is growing. Because your faith is growing abundantly and the love of every one of you for one another is increasing. Therefore, we ourselves boast about you in the churches of God for your steadfastness, in faith in all your persecutions, and in the afflictions that you are enduring. This is evidence of the righteous judgement of God, that you may be considered worthy of the kingdom of God, for which you are also suffering. Father, thank you for Your Word today, challenge our heart God, stretch us today, in Jesus name". Everyone said, "you may be seated today, listen, I'm telling you, I have been so encouraged. We always say Sunday is a celebration, Wednesday is when the real magic happen. Sunday, we get to come together, we get to worship the Lord, we get to celebrate, we get to hang out and that's all wonderful, well, and fine.

But I was even told this recently the new structure or the new thing in the church world is to come together and celebrate on Sunday, and that's the thing, they don't want to even buy buildings with classrooms anymore, because they don't use them. I'm thinking, oh, Lord Jesus, if we had more classroom, and because discipleship is where it's at, not coming together and hanging out. That's all wonderful. I want to hang out with you, I want to celebrate with you, but I want to grow with you. That's where the real magic is. I'm telling you. We started these new series for the men and women on Wednesday nights here the last couple of weeks and it's spiritual disciplines and growing in our spiritual disciplines and it was just so refreshing to see the hunger as men are sitting around the table talking and challenging one another, and sharing. It's just so refreshing to see people that actually want to grow in their faith in their walk with Christ. We've been discussing just that Jesus said, when he was asked, what's the most important commandment he said, "To love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength". So, we've been looking into that. What does it look like to love God with all of our heart and we spent a couple of months on that digging in to what does that look like?

Am I really loving him with some of my heart or all of my heart? Am I just saying it or am I living it? Am I following through with that loving Him with all of my heart or am I just saying it with my mouth and then am I loving God. The next step of drawing closer to God of going deeper is to love God with all of our soul and what does that really mean that the soul is the will of man. The soul is the decision-making mechanism, it's my individuality, it's my autonomy, it's my desire to be independent, and so, to love God, with all of my soul, what does that really mean? What does that really look like and we talk often about it. One of the most prevalent scriptures in the Bible, when we talk about rebellion, when we talk about wanting to do things our own way, we seem to often drift back to First Samuel chapter 15. We've talked about it even recently, where we have the Prophet Samuel and the king of Israel, who is Saul, and God tells the Prophet go and anoint the king and then the king is given a charge he's given a job to do, he's given some instructions and he's told, "You need to go over to the Amalekites and wipe the Amalekites out".

Whenever Israel was delivered out of Egypt, it was the Amalekites that came in and resisted and tried to prevail upon them and, and God's instruction was go wipe everything out, go clean the earth of these of this wickedness and so, we find that Saul, and he leads the army out, they go over and, and they're having a victory and they start reasoning among themselves, and they decide to save alive king, a gag, and they decide to save alive all of the really good stuff, it just didn't make sense to destroy the good stuff. They thought it through they, how many thinkers do I have in the house? Well, we can just think God right out of the scenario can't wait. We can just reason God, God said this all but yeah, but it makes more sense. Back in the day, it was a protocol to keep the king alive so you could drag him through the streets, march him through the streets as a trophy and say, look what we did to them.

They wanted this trophy, this victory march back into the city and to they saved the keepalive and then, they got to thinking, we could keep all these good-looking calves and these good-looking sheep, we could keep them all alive, and we can we could sacrifice them on to the Lord that makes more sense. Come on now. So, we see that he does that and the scripture of verse nine, it says, "But Saul in the people spared a gag and the best of the sheep and the oxygen, and the fat links in the lambs, and all that was good and would not utterly destroy them, but everything that was vile and refuse everything that made sense, they destroyed utterly." The final thing that really caught my eye was that he said whenever the Prophet came back and said, what did you do man? He began to try to explain its way out of it. He said, the prophet looked at the king and said, "because you rejected the word of the Lord, he has also rejected you from being king. Because listen, listen to that statement." We're talking about loving God with all of my will. All of my want, all of my thought process, all of my reasoning and I have this will, I want this independence thing.

He says because you've rejected the word of the Lord, I want you guys to understand it is a serious thing when we reject the word of the Lord, no matter how much sense it makes, no matter how logical it seems, it is a serious thing to reject the word of the Lord and listen, here's what I want you to know. Let me set a little better foundation with this. I grew up with a Christian mom, my parents got a divorced when I was seven, and I grew up with this Christian mom and man, she was godly. She fasted she prayed this, this lady didn't even allow a TV in my house, we going into summer right now y'all know what I mean? I grew up back in the 70s and some of you going he is old man, but I grew up back in the 70s and early 80s when it was 113 degrees outside knit with bubbles job to mow the yard. I couldn't even wear cut off shorts because it wasn't holy. I grew up in this very protected environment, this very holy environment. But when I got to a certain age, and listen, it started way before it started manifesting on the outside this spirit of rebellion, this spirit of pushback this spirit of I won't the spirit of it, that's not fair.

I don't understand why you got to do it this way and when that spirit of rebellion started rising up on the inside of me, how is that even possible when I grew up in such a godly atmosphere? Because the nature of man, the heart of man, there's that bent towards stubbornness and rebellion. Sin is lack of poisoning disease, that left untreated will consume us. The human soul is naturally bent towards rebellion, stubbornness, selfishness, and self-wilderness and we want to be king. We want to make our own decisions and listen, I know with all of us Christians, all of us believers, we like for people to think we're godly. We like the thought of integrity. We like the thought of holiness, we want people to think well of us and I can stand up here and preach on integrity and character and holiness and purity, and all of that stuff and the average Christian, oh, yeah, that's good but what we want in addition to that thought process is we want to reserve the right to make the decision we think best at the time.

I know, God said do that. But we really want to make our own decision, what we think is best at the moment of impact. Now, listen, I'm describing the majority of the Christian world. I'm describing what I have seen over many years of ministry. I have watched Christians who claim Christianity, but still want their independence as not loving God with all of my soul, when I'm still making all of the decisions based on situational ethics. I want to tell the truth unless the truth will cause me great pain. Come on now. Let's do the little white lie. Come on y'all. I don't want to cheat unless I just absolutely have to. Unless it's really going to cost me something. We like to make the decision that best suits me in the moment. However, truth is truth no matter what. God's word doesn't change based on my situation. So, to love God with all of ours. sole means that his way supersedes my feelings and my opinions no matter what the situation. Oh, y'all come on, we're talking about loving God, we're talking about elevating what he says what he wants, what His will is, we're talking about you moving from just loving God with all of my heart, but now moving to loving God with all of my choices, and making my choices line up with his will, no matter the outcome, to love God with all of our soul means to surrender my will, to His will, I love this.

This is to love God with all of our soul means that I choose God's way. To love God with all of my soul means that I choose God's way. Let's jump into this. I want to carry you through this real quick. It says number one "Most Christians won't Christianity without regime change." That one didn't take a whole lot to understand, that one doesn't take rocket scientists. We want Christianity without real regime change. We like salvation without conditions. We like Grace, without guardrails. Jesus, when he was teaching, he says in Luke chapter six, he says, "Why do you call Me Lord, Lord?" Back in the old days, they didn't have punctuation. So, when they wanted to emphasize a word, they didn't have exclamation points. So, they put the word twice and what he was really saying is, why do you call Me Lord but you don't do what I say! Come on, now. Does that not describe Christianity? Today we call him Lord, but we don't do what he says. Most Christians want Christ the Savior but reject Christ lordship. Now, lordship is a word that in Christendom, we don't we don't seem to even really know what that word is anymore. We don't really use that word anymore. We don't understand that word. Lordship what does it really mean and it means supreme power, or rule. Does Christ have supreme power and rule in my life? To love God with all of my soul, not just call him Lord, but for him to actually be Lord that means that he has supreme power and rules.

All my decisions, all of my ways in my life, he is supreme ruler in our lives. We love to be saved from our sins, but we hate to give up control of our lives. That is so good. We are in love with salvation, but we can't stand lordship. Wednesday nights, as I said, we've been talking about this spiritual disciplines growing in our spiritual disciplines, it's just been so much fun sitting around the table and teaching and seeing these guys Converse as we challenge on our spiritual disciplines and one of the statistics says that the truth is most Christians stopped growing between their fifth year and the seventh year of their Christianity. We've been trying to we've been having some discussions, maybe by the fifth or the seventh year of my Christianity, I decide that I'm as good as the manual. So, hey, what if he going to him and we're going to go to him if he is going to him. Well, he's not the target. Christ, you understand what I'm saying? He's the one I'm striving to be like and so, we're challenging one another. One of the things says that we all fall into five categories, we either fall in the category of the unbeliever, the one that's unsaved, that hasn't received Christ yet or the believer is one who has changed his belief system that Christ is the savior.

But we haven't really started being learners and following God in our actions yet. That is where a lot of Christians are today and then next are disciples, people who adhere to the teachings and practicing practices of growing in Christ and demonstrating a lifestyle corresponding to God's word and then the third is a servant leader, people who grow up in the direction of ways in the timing of the Lord and they begin to teach others that and they're very active and serving and helping others grow and then finally, the fifth type of person, reproducer or someone that is reproducing those servant leaders. here do we fall at? Where have we messed up and stop growing? Where have we stopped surrendering areas of our life to heal him that should be the supreme power ruler in our lives? To love God with all my soul means that I'm following means that I'm growing and most Christians want care Christianity without regime change.

Now, listen, I'm going to make a segue here and I'm going to lose some of you. Can I give you three guys that were going to help me, can y'all come here really quick and I want to try to take you on a journey? Come on, guys, I'm going to try to take you guys on a journey today. I don't want you to get lost as we're taking this journey. The segue that I want to make today is that it is it is extremely dangerous for us to choose to stay in immaturity in our walk with Christ. May I say that, again, it is extremely dangerous for us to choose to stay in our immaturity in Christ and so many times we just get comfortable now. Now he's the believer that I'm going to be talking about, he's the newest of the three guys here in Christianity. I'm just so proud of this young man and the strides that he's made and men with the doors are open this guy's here and he's hungry to grow in Christ but I'm going to make these guys, you're the good in in life, and you're the bad in life. Your truth and you ally. So, we're going to talk a little bit and so y'all just do a little. Have you ever felt like that before and it's extremely dangerous for us to stay in this state of immaturity. It's extremely dangerous for him to us to call him Lord and not allow Him to be Lord.

So, Paul writes this second letter to the church of Thessalonica. I couldn't even get past the opening. It was just so cool and he say, man, I'm so proud, Roderick is so proud of you. You're doing so great, you're growing in your faith and your love for one another and we brag on you guys all the time and that's what Paul's doing here in the second letter where he's about to start talking to them trying to set the stage or aset the record right on doctrine that they had gotten confused about and were teaching the wrong things and thinking that the day of the Lord was coming and what really got my attention and I want you don't lose focus. I'm going to tell you what we're going to focus here on but because he's talking about the time and we can start just thinking that this message is just about being on time and when Jesus is going to return it and that's great Jesus is coming very soon, don't you doubt it but I want to turn your attention to the best of my ability, to the atmosphere that's going on around us in the time that he's describing here at the end.

It's an amazing thing. Number two, deception leads to destruction. Deception leads to destruction. Second Thessalonians chapter two says, "Let no one deceive you in any way." Does that say that there's going to be deception in the last days? Okay, let no one deceive you in any way. So, some of you are going to get all caught up. Well, is he teaching pre trib, mid Trib or post trib? Which ones he preaching today? No, that's not what I'm trying to get you to focus on the atmosphere. Let no one deceive you in any way. For that day, the day of the Lord will not come unless they were teaching the dam the Lord's already come, what are we going to do? He said, "No, hang on, that day will not come on unless the rebellion comes first." The man of lawlessness is revealed the son of destruction, who opposes and exalts himself against every so-called God or object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the temple of God proclaiming himself to be God. "Do you not remember that when I was still with you, I told you these things, and you know, what is restraining him now so that he may be revealed in his time, for the mystery of lawlessness is already at work only he who now restrains, it will do so until he is out of the way and then we'll all this one will be revealed, whom the Lord Jesus will kill with the breath of his mouth and bring to nothing by the appearance of His coming.

The coming of the lawless one, is by the activity of Satan with all power and false signs and wonders and with all wicked deception, with all wicked deception, with all wicked deception for those who are perishing because they refuse to love the truth, and so be saved." More and more are the believers that are convinced that salvation is okay. Without lordship, I'm saved, I'm forgiven, I'm good, I'm okay, I don't need disciples. I don't need to grow, I'm good, I'm forgiven, I'm okay. How many know that we're never free of these forces, pulling and tugging in this in this tug of war in our life in our hearts and our minds all day, every day. But deception leads to destruction and deception is the beginning of infection. Paul writes, three things that I won't go into in any depth this morning, but I want you to get it because it's so powerful. It's so powerful when he tells us what the atmosphere will look like and he talks about lawlessness, he talks about the falling away those that and I'm seeing our belief system, our faith, I'm seeing Christianity begin to make this huge, enormous shift into a worldly position that falling away the great rebellion, if you will, the apostasy is the rebellion and abandonment of the truth. Abandoning the truth, and the truth is, he's got to be Lord. Truth is, it's good to love Him with the heart, but am I loving him, am I letting him have supreme rule position in my heart? That stings a little bit if we really think about it, it says that there's going to be lawlessness, the atmosphere is going to be lawless, and it's going to you increase, increase, increase.

If it was working, if lawlessness was happening, the spirit or the mystery of lawlessness was working back then how much more do you think, as he's, as he's marching towards his day when he when the lawless one sits on the throne in Jerusalem and declares himself God, and he's revealed to everybody as the Antichrist? How much more do you think if lawlessness was at work all the way back here? How much more do you think we're dealing with the spirit of lawlessness right now? How dangerous is it for us to stay in that immature Rick, that immature state refusing to become disciples and followers of Christ, not those that just say, He's Lord, but those that are actually allowing Him to be Lord? There's coming a day. We're feeling this tension right now, y'all. I don't know about y'all. But we're feeling this tension, you're falling into one of two camps. As a Christian, you're either repulsed, and about feel like you want to throw up because of all of the activity that's going on around you right now. Are you becoming intoxicated with today's culture? Oh, what's the big deal? You fall into one of those camps. I received a text here just about a week ago and a brother said please pray for me. I'm so angry and what's going on around right now? We're either we either feel that we can't believe man, we're looking at stuff on TV. We're looking at hate crimes and hate crimes in Buffalo, mass shootings over a basketball game in Milwaukee. This planet is crazy.

My wife and I looked at each other just this week, and this weekend and we're like, man they're marching in one place, give me the right to kill the baby. If I don't want it, they're marching in another place saying, hey, give us fun so that we can help preserve children. This tug of war going on, this deception, I go to church I'm okay, I hang out with church people. So, I must be alright. I'm not quite as bad as the guy next to me so I'm okay. Jesus said unless you take up your cross and follow, we like just being forgiven. We like to forgiven but hate to follow. Where are we going to grow? Are we going to mature as the atmosphere descends towards the lawlessness until the place where lawlessness is no more restrained? Because the lawlessness is restrained because of the Holy Spirit that abides in the believer and the restraint will eventually be lifted. There's a tension between truth and deception. There's this strong tension between truth and deception all day, every day, will I choose God's truth? Will I hold the standards of God's truth or will I descend into lawlessness? Will I become intoxicated with the culture of the day? There's a tension between truth and deception. There's a tension between lawlessness and restraint. The greater the deception watch. The greater he's deceived. The further he descends into lawlessness.

The world am not the restrainer, y'all. We with the Holy Spirit on the inside of the church is the restrainer and the greater the deception that comes inside the church, the less the restraint and the greater the sin we take into lawlessness. Wow. Deception leads to destruction. The mystery of lawlessness is already at work and has increased. We are seeing a greater falling away from the truth. Listen, if y'all don't believe that we're living in the time that's described in the Bible, and you don't believe that there's a falling away that's already begun. How many has ever been to Europe before? Anybody ever been to England, France, and Scotland, all those areas over there. When you show up, you see all of these magnificent edifices that are markers of where God used to be. There empty, beautiful, used to be churches that are now tourist attractions. Come see our beautiful buildings.

But God isn't welcome anymore. You don't believe that we're living in that atmosphere and if you don't believe that we're experiencing a falling away, then just look at America that was founded on biblical principles where they fled the shores of Europe, they fled the shores and they came to new shores, they came looking for a land where they could live, and they could worship God in their independence and they were founded on biblical principles and now look at where America is today. You think it's okay to stay stuck in our Christianity in our immaturity? Oh, I love God with my heart. But I'm still Lord. True Believers find themselves either disgusted or intoxicated. I'm just trying to establish the atmosphere, the danger of staying in limbo, the danger of staying in this place. When we're in a tension when we're in this war between truth and a lie when we're when we're in this struggle here and I want you to get to how intoxicated the atmosphere is lawless, it's happened so gradually, over the years that we don't even realize that we're descending into lawlessness, that we're descending into an atmosphere where it's going to be hard to stand.

If you don't have any roots, it's going to be hard to stan if you're not growing down and you're getting ready. If you're not training for the battle. I want to go to war. You don't last 30 seconds because you didn't go under training. Don't even know how to fire your gun can't quote five scriptures. Don't spend five minutes a day in prayer. How many know that the time that we're living we are descending into serious heavy duty, lawless time, and we don't even realize that the great deception today. I really struggled with saying some of the things that I was going to say today and listen, because of the atmosphere because of the hostility for me to say some of the things that I'm going to say today. Some of you are going to say, well, he's just old school. Well, he's just legalistic, he's just homophobic and he's just an extremist because of the atmosphere of lawlessness that we're descending into. The Christians began to make small compromises, began to watch TV shows with sex scenes on it

We begin to, oh it's okay you know that Hollywood just cuss it the language, we get numb to it, we get deaf to it and then our kids begin to listen to it and begin to regurgitate it. Then we want to know why all of our kids are sleeping around all the time. Come on now sex outside of marriage is just expected now. Come on now. shacking up and trying it out just expected now come on guys, do what you want to do. That's the attitude of the world today but sadly that attitude has intoxicated the church and now the church feel no big deal, it's all good. Parents model rebellion in the home and then had don't have a leg to stand on when their children began to walk in rebellion and you know what the problem is? All they're doing is identifying and surrendering to a familiar spirit in their home. Addiction, promiscuity, familiar spirits in the home today. So, here we are. Is it okay for me to just stay in this state of limbo? I'm forgiven, but he's not really Lord. I really haven't taken that deeper step to get rooted and grounded and be able to stand the storms that are coming through the lawlessness that we're descending into, but it's okay, I go to church. If you don't think that we're descending into that lawless state whenever it's either truth or alive.

We just want to be somewhere in the middle okay. Where abortion is a woman's choice and homosexuality is genetic and gender is a feeling and same sex marriage is a right as we descend into a lawless atmosphere and you're having trouble making good decision, making the right decision choosing the right thing right now and often we choose the right thing that's good enough for us at the time, rather than letting him be Lord. I just want you to understand, according to the book, according to truth, he said that word is truth. According to truth, abortion is murder. Jeremiah chapter one, verse five says this, "Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you. Before you were born, I sanctified you. I ordained you a Prophet to the nation's listen to say abortion, my body my choice son, it makes the assumption that I put that baby on the inside of you, or you participated and you created that baby? Let me tell you who created you tell you? Let me tell you who created sperm. Let me tell you who created ovaries, let me tell you who created the womb. Let me tell you who God he is. Before I formed you, you didn't find that baby, a creative God formed that baby and if he created it, I don't have the right to say I created it I'm god I'll dispose of it." I just made some of you really uncomfortable. We're not the architects of life, God is divine creator. He designed us to reproduce spirit of lawlessness.

All of these things that we're talking about, the liar, the deceiver. You know what his assertion is, what the foundation for all of these things are? God is flawed. If you're just a young believer, and you're not growing, and you're not letting him be God, and I don't understand everything, but I know what God's Word says and if God's Word says, For me to wait on sex till I'm married, or if God's word tells me, to be faithful to my wife, God's word tells me to be honest and truthful, no matter how much it costs me, how much pain it is, God's word setting, he's the supreme ruler, and I submit, and I'm growing, and my faith is being tested. But my roots are growing a little deeper every day, so that I can stand in this lawless time. The spirit of lawlessness asserts that God is flawed, he's not all present, He's not all powerful, He's not all knowing he makes mistakes.

Abortion is a human saying, I created the human life inside of me. Homosexuality, God created a man and a woman. God created man and woman and he created you with an identity and homosexuality is letting Go and relinquishing my identity to the thief. When I'm around those that are tied up and that are bound by that lifestyle, I have a heart ache and I feel that pain because somewhere down the line, they were lied to, they didn't have enough knowledge, they didn't have enough roots and something happened in life, a situational thing came along, and they made a decision to relinquish their identity, their God given identity, because God must be wrong, God is for God.

Let me be clear gender is autonomy assigned it by the Creator, by the Creator at birth. One of the Prophet said, "how can the clay say to the potter, hey, why don't you make me like this, you screwed up." The basis of all of this is the deception of the enemy coming I trying to shake our faith in our belief system in an all-powerful Almighty all-knowing Creator, God the Father who is good. He don't make junk and he don't make mistakes. When he put all your body parts on, he knew exactly what he would. Don't let the devil listen. If you're battling, don't let the devil steal your identity. God knew you before he formed you in the womb. God knew what his plans were for you and he ordained a life for you, atmosphere of the day the mystery of lawlessness is already at work. If you don't think that we're living in that time descending into the depths of lawlessness, in 1963 the Supreme Court made a ruling to take the Bible and prayer out of school and 10 years later in 1973, they made another ruling of Roe vs. Wade that decided that abortion was a woman's right to decide.

By 2012 we're having gender neutral bathrooms introduced into the colleges in the high schools. 2015, we have transgender athlete legal wars going on. 2015 we have same sex marriage becoming legalized and by 2021 we have a critical race theory that wants to divide our land even further than it is being introduced into our lands and by 2022, we've got people discussing to talk about all of this gender stuff to our preschoolers to our second grade. There's been a march but we're still deaf, we can't hear it.

There's been a march towards lawlessness, and we've been okay with staying immature in the middle. But he says, "Hey, love me with all your heart. Take the next step and live with all your soul. See that story about King Saul. The Prophet said, "Hey, what in the world have you done? Oh, hey, man, it's okay. We just did it because of this and because of that. They begin to reason away the Word of God. Come on now. Instead of letting him be the supreme ruler and the prophet comes to the king and he says these famous words. He says, "Don't you know that rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft and stubbornness is as the iniquity of idolatry." Here we are stuck in the middle Listen, do you know what is meant when he says rebellion is the same as witchcraft. Witchcraft, the definition and that portion of Scripture means divination. Anybody know what divination is? Divination is what happens when you call up the psychic? Divination is what happens listen when you choose to seek direction from another spirit other than God.

When you choose rebellion, rebellion is when your kids say I'm going to do this, I want to go my way, I want to do what cultures doing, I'm the only one in my class that can do that. Praise God must be doing something right. Rebellion is this is as if the same as you going to a fortune teller to seek direction for your life rather than seeking the direction of God, following another spirit idolatry it says that stubbornness is as the iniquity of idolatry. I'm not going to ask you to lift your hand if you're stubborn. Stubbornness means I know what I'm supposed to do. I know what I'm doing is wrong. But I'm going to do it anyway, that is stubbornness. Idolatry means I'm surrendering myself to serve another and I know it's wrong but I'm going to do it anyway. Why do you call Me Lord but you're not making me lord? What's the most important commandment of all to love the Lord, your God, with all of your heart and with all of your soul regardless of my opinions, regardless of my intellect in 2022 we are so enlightened.

I choose God's way, no matter what it costs, no matter how much it hurts, no matter how difficult it is, no matter what the reason, the outcome is. God's way should always be supreme and supersede my way and just being forgiven is what we're in love with. What he's looking for someone who will step into the next phase and surrender my will, surrender my decision, surrender my future, surrender every area. But because we know we've been resisting, this guy here has been whispering in our ear, whether it's fear, whether it's just downright rebellion or you can't do that, been beaten the crap out of us. We're caught in between these two worlds. We're in love with Grace, we're in love with salvation. But we're resisting lordship. Thank You guys, God bless you, stand to your feet all over the building today. I felt like I wanted to just call the enemy to a showdown today.

Remember Elijah, Elijah said he stepped up to the Prophets and they said whichever God answers by fire let him be God. Joshua's said choose you this day who you serve. It's the shootout at the OK Corral, one's going to live, one is going down. what's going. What's it going to be? Are you just going to be in love with salvation and resist lordship? Are you going to surrender? Every head bowed, very eye closed in the house, if you're in the house today, and you say, I want to go where at whatever level you're at, I want to go to the next level with God. I want Him to be Lord of every area, I want Him to be Lord Him my life. In every decision in every area. Would you just slip your hand up? All over the bill, all over the house, I want Him to be Lord of all, all over the house. Thank you, Lord of all. If you're in the house today, and you say, Pastor to be truthful, he's not Lord at all. I'm not following him, I used to or maybe I've never followed Him. But I know we’re descending into a wicked Tom, I know we're descending into this crazy atmosphere. I want to surrender to God.

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