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  • When do Small Groups meet?
    Small Groups meet at least once per month, but many meet twice per month. Small Groups do life together so scheduling activities outside the normal meeting times is encouraged.
  • What do Small Groups study?
    We encourage Small Groups to use the Bible Engagement Project as a resource for Bible study, but some Small Groups may choose to use another Bible study. All resources are approved in advance by MCCC. No matter what, there will be a spiritual component to each Small Group.
  • Where do Small Groups meet?
    Small Groups meet in approved homes and public locations, like restaurants, coffee shops, etc. The general meeting location is listed in each Small Group’s information and exact addresses will be communicated to group members by each Small Group leader.
  • What kind of Small Groups are available?
    There are many types of Small Groups – Interest-based, family friendly, couples, worship, adventure, etc. In keeping with the culture of MCCC, you can count on each Small Group to focus on spiritual growth, care and support, and outreach.
  • Is childcare provided for Small Groups?
    Childcare varies from group to group. Some are family friendly, where kids join in on the fun. Others do provide childcare, but some do not. Family friendliness and childcare are listed in each Small Group’s information. If you have questions, your Small Group leader will be able to clarify it for you.
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