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Kids are important to us, and that is why we strive in excellence to lead them.

Our mission is to provide a safe-haven in which children learn to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ that will last a lifetime.

Mustang Creek Community Church believes in ministering to the needs of every age group. While parents enjoy the adult services, they can rest assured that their children are receiving personal care in a safe and nurturing environment. Our qualified volunteers create a positive church experience that introduces children to a love for Jesus early on.


Nursery, Pre-school & Elementary classes coincide with all of our regular adult services.

Ages 0-4 years


What happens in

Little Critters?


Your Littles will be prayed for while they are in our care. 

They will experience interactive bible teaching, worship,

play, and activities

that reinforce the

Bible lesson.

little critters web sign.jpg
Ages 5-7 years

Life in Clubhouse

Engages your children to learn biblical character traits each month through Bible stories, puppetry, crafts, activities, media

and more. 

They learn the value of memorizing scripture and bringing their

Bible with our fun reward system. 

club house tv.jpg
Ages 8-12 years

In Lakeside your child will be equipped to live A Godly life. 


They will be encouraged in their worship through song and dance, challenged to live a life of relationship with God, enjoy games, and build friendships and knowledge while in small group setting.

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"My kids love going to church! The volunteers in Camp Creek are the best!"

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