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MC Youth is the high school ministry at Mustang Creek. We live by four CULTURE STATEMENTS: THIS IS WHO WE ARE.


WE ARE ENOUGH: Not because of what we have done, but because of what Jesus did.


WE ARE NEVER SATISFIED: We know encountering Jesus is not a one time experience, but a daily, life-long commitment. We endeavor to focus on prayer, worship, and scripture study daily.


WE ARE WILLING TO GIVE UNTIL IT HURTS: The Christian life is about sacrifice. Jesus gave his life for us, what will we give?


WE ARE NOT AFRAID OF THE DARKNESS: Jesus is the LIGHT of the world. Because he lives in us, we are willing to follow him wherever he leads.


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Christian Boone 

Student Pastor


"I love Youth! The Pastor's make us feel like family surrounded by warmth and love. The services are great, and worship is amazing!"

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