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We're going to be reading out of Romans, chapter five, Romans chapter five. Everybody, listen, aren't you glad that we serve a God that is much more? I say that with me much more. Come on, do it again, much more, man. Look at this in Romans chapter five, verse one, it says, therefore, being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, verse two, by whom also we have access by faith into his grace, wherein we stand, and rejoice in hope of the glory of God and then, let's jump down to verse 19, 20 and 21. It says, far as by one man's disobedience, the many were made sinners. So, by and we're talking to one man, he's talking about Adam, right? So, by the one-man Adam's disobedience, the many were made sinners. So, by the one man's obedience, who's that? Jesus, right? by the one man's obedience, the many will be made righteous. I like it. "Verse 20, male the law came into increase the trespass, but where sin increased, Grace abounded, all the more”. So, that as Sin reigned in death, Grace also might rain through the righteousness leading to eternal life through Jesus Christ. Our Lord. I like King James Version puts verse 20 "This way it says, and where sin abounded, grace did much more about can we read that together?” Let's look at where sin abounded. Grace did much more about a love it. Father, thank You for your Word today.

Father, Speak to our hearts today. Encourage our hearts today in Jesus’ name and everybody said, Amen. You may be seated today. Listen up. Pastor Judy, and we're shortly we'll be here 21 years but back before we pastored Mustang Creek we pastored a church in Tyler, Texas, and Pastor Judy was doing a special event for pastors wives all across the area and she was bringing them together for a pastor's wife conference and just loving on them and blessing them and they had talked to a store there in Tyler and she was telling them what she was doing for the pastor's wives and just wondered if they had some flowers and we're talking about the decorative silk flowers and all that kind of stuff and that she could bless the pastor's wives with and so the manager of the store said absolutely and so he was going to donate some flowers.

So, my wife, and one of the other lady’s pastor's wives showed up in the car and when she showed up, they pound her car full of flowers and the manager is looking at her and says, do you have a van and they're like, he's like, I cleaned out my entire warehouse. Do you have any more vehicles so she has to go back and by the time they got through, they filled up two van loads and three cars of flowers some so where she thought she was just going to bless some pastor’s wives, and they wouldn't be able to take some decorations home? They not only got to take home some decorations and decorate their house some there was enough flowers to decorate every pastor’s wife house, and every pastor’s church that came to the event, I would say that's much more than she expected, right?

God does things just like that. He is a much more kind of God. Listen, Romans chapter five and for sake of time I'm going to kind of Robert Kennedy paraphrase some of these for you. I'll read some but I'll paraphrase. Some of them. Some of them I've already read but Verse one in Romans chapter five says, that we are declared "Our innocent, righteous, innocent by faith, and we have peace with God through how many are glad we have peace with God. We're no longer at odds with God, but we have peace with God through Jesus Christ through faith. Romans, chapter five, "verse two says, by faith in Jesus, we have obtained access to grace or favor with God". How many know what favor is? Yeah, my wife always talks about biscuit favor. We just look at each other when good things happen. It's just as biscuit favor, baby, the long story. But anyway, we just favor with God's approval of us and listen, we have access to peace with God, and we have access to favor the grace of God, just by faith, everybody said, by faith just by faith, not because I'm good, not because I did a lot of good works, not because of any great thing I could ever do or ever accomplish.

The only way that I can have peace with God, and I can step into the favor and approval of God is simply by faith. That's the only way that I get peace with God and favor with God. Jump down there, if you're following along. Romans, chapter five, "verse seven, and eight. I love this, because he's a much more kind of God says, we were still weak. And while we were still sinners, God showed His love and revealed his love to us, even in that state". Even in that horrific state, God loved us. You know, we quote that Scripture all the time, that he showed his love, King James version puts it like this, he commended his love towards us in that while we were yet center still sinners, Christ died for us. I like that. If you actually look up the word commended his love towards us. It means he put it in the same place. What y'all get? Y'all got to get that. Wow, we were still wretched. While we were still not heads while we were still in our wicked state. While we were still rebellious. While we were still in the worst state, we've ever been in. He showed his love he committed he took his love and put his love smack dab in the middle of our mess something while we were still sinners and ungodly and unholy, he commended his love and put it where we were. We couldn't get to where he was. So, he came to where we were. Wow. That is so cool.

Number one. Now, listen, I want you to get this. You go back and read it for yourself this afternoon. This isn't me saying this. This is the Scripture saying this. God is a much more kind of God. So, this is going to mess with some of your theology. But you just go back and argue with Paul. Okay, don't send me any emails this afternoon. All right. Number one, His mercy is much more astounding than his wrath. Oh, listen, if God's wrath is mind boggling, how mind boggling is His mercy. We deserve his wrath. Come on. If his wrath is mind boggling how much more mind boggling is His mercy in which we don't deserve row Romans chapter five. "Verse nine says since we have been justified or made right in God's sight, by his blood, much more or shall we be saved from the wrath of God?” Let me just pause here, I know that this isn't very politically correct and socially correct and all that kind of stuff. There is a wrath of God. No matter what anybody says, and how the everybody's trying to tidy it up, and make it all acceptable in today's culture, in today's society, there is a wrath of God, there is a heaven and there is still a hell. There is a wrath of God against sin against sinners against rebellion. For those who reject and trod underfoot the blood of His Son, Jesus, there is still a wrath of God. But his blood Jesus blood says that I am right in God's sight, that I no longer have a debt to God, that I'm no longer at odds with God, the blood pays for the sin that created the offense. The blood of Jesus pays for the sin that created the offense between me and God. Man, that is so powerful. God took the dead himself. God paid for the wrong himself.

He removed the issue that divided between us say, since we've been made in God's sight by his blood, much more shall we be saved from God's wrath, rebellion separated me from God. My sin, my dad, God's plan, Jesus’ blood. All my sin, my debt, God's plan. Jesus’ blood made all things right between us. His mercy is much more astounding than his wrath. Look at this number to his favor, is much more powerful in life than his death. His favor, is much more powerful in his life than in his death. Now, I've never, in my whole life heard anybody make that statement before but Paul the Apostle and matter of fact, I had to go back and read it over and over again and get that through my brain. Look at this and in Romans, chapter five, verse 10, “it says far enough, when we were enemies, we were reconciled to God by the death of his son”, much more everybody says much more being reconciled, we shall be saved by His life. Listen, if he extended such great love for us, while we were his enemies, how much more will he extend favor? Now, that we are his friend? Oh, wait a minute. Listen, look at somebody say on God's friend. Call now. Let's listen. If God speak if he commended his love if he took his love, and then commended it and put it right smack down in the middle of our mess when we were his enemies and he showed that kind of love and that kind of grace to us.

Then when we were at odds when we were being rebellious and hideous, and we were in our worst state, then how much more will he win? We are his friends. Oh man. His favor is much more powerful in his life than in his death. Verse 10 says if He reconciled us to God by Jesus death while we were still enemies, senators and rebellious how much more well, will he win? We are his friends. You might ought to rotten write this down. God didn't run out of favor at the cross. Oh, come on now. Got this You know, we somehow, we get weak we come down or we pray the sinner’s prayer, we cast our faith on him. Then we say, we are born again and we receive salvation and then and then we live the rest of our lives like God hates us because he used all of it up to take care of my field on the cross. Come on now, if he had favor, back there when I was enemies with God, and in his favor was amazing in his death, how much more is his favor in his life? Wow Listen, I'm not going to read it. But chapter five,"verse 12, says CNX came into the world through one man and death gained access." I need y'all to get that death wasn't on the earth before man sinned. Death wasn't on the earth before man sin, Adam sinned in the garden, and open the door and death stepped in.

Death gained access through the sin of one man and death spread to all of mankind. But watch this number three. through one man sin, death gained access on the earth, much more than has one man's righteousness calls God's free gift of eternal life, to abound. "Romans 515 says If many died because of one man's trespass, much more has the grace of God and the free gift of the free gift of new life unbounded for many, listen up”. Just get that thought in your mind, if because of Adam's sin, death, came in and gained access at the cross. When Jesus laid down his life through one man's righteousness, a new life stepped in. That is an amazing thought and listen to it says the free gift of life. A bounded for many do you know what the bounded means? A bounded means those silk flowers. A bounded means more than enough is in abundance of it's better than Oprah more no life a bounded towards man. So, if there was enough death, guys, whenever sin entered into the world, if there was enough death to spread to all mankind, through one man's disobedience, through one man's righteous act, one man's deed, name JESUS CHRIST, life gained access to the earth for all of us. Number four deaths reign over us was powerful. But our rain in life is much more powerful.

How? "Romans 517 says If death reigned over us how many no death did reign over us"? Everything I touched, I messed up everything, everything I put my hand to just turn to stone you know what I'm talking about. Everything was painful. Everything that I was a part of. My marriage was dying. My household was dying, my finances were dying. Everything I was a part of death reigned in my I was a slave to death, in my household, in my home and in my life. But if death reigned over us by one man sin, much more will those who receive the abundance everybody say abundance, more than enough grace more than enough favor of God. The abundance will those who receive more than enough favor of God and the free gift of righteousness or right standing with God reign in life, man I'm so sick and tired of Believers, that walk around in death is still raining in their lives. Because they don't understand the favor of God. They don't understand the amazing favor of God, man. I'm just going to have to pull something here. Listen, I'm amazed when I look into the Word of God, did you know that faith works by love.

Oh, no, y'all don't understand that faith works by love. You know, my wife, she has faith. When she comes to me and asked me for something, not because I have a lot of money. She doesn't have faith in me because I had big muscles. She doesn't have faith in me. Because I'm a great big man and I'm really strong, or I'm really powerful, or I'm really smart and she doesn't have faith in me because of any of those things. She has faith in me, because she knows that I love her with every fiber of my body and ladies and gentlemen, my faith works in God. Because not because I'm good, not because I'm great. But because I know that he loves me with every fiber of his being and if we understood that faith, works by love, it would turn things around. He said, if we knew the breadth, the width, the depth, and the height of God's love, we would be filled with all the fullness of God. Oh, that's so cool. I know I'm getting a little excited for some of you. I'll comment down death reigned over every aspect of our life. But now we're no longer a slave. Because just like death reigned over us. And it was powerful. I reign in life is much more powerful.

Number five, where sin is abundant. God's grace is much more abundant. Listen, "Romans, chapter five says that the law came in, to make sin bound the law of God, we may not understand". We may not understand why the law of God, the rules we get all tied up on the rules and, it's just a bunch of rules and regulations. But I need you to get this I need you to understand. God sent the law so that we could understand righteousness, so that we could understand this is the holiness of God. This is the expectation of God. This is what God desires of mankind and so what happened, man looks at that, and goes, oh, my goodness, I can't do any of that. I can't measure up to any of that. So, that's what the scripture means. But law came in, show that sin with the obvious to us so that sin a bounded so that sin was clear to us so that we saw ourselves, our lifestyle, our character, we saw who we work clearly and he said where sin death abounds, sin a bouncer because I look at myself and I go, oh my goodness, I can never live up. I can never measure up. I can never be good enough and he said, All But hang on. Where sin, death abound. Grace, death much more abound. So, where my sin was big, God's grace was much bigger.

Let me close today. My wife came in this week and she had a check in her hand she said you must be living right? It was from synchrony bank, I don't even know since I've been there, I'm rarely heard of synchrony bank I'm having a hard time it sounds like I'm speaking in tongues I don't even know, synchrony bank and she began to look it up they got really smart and I'm going to get this thing paid off. I don't like interest rate; I don't like credit cards. So, I just I decided every single week I was going to chunk money, I was going to pay this medical bill off and this medical credit card off and I just got super excited and over enthusiastic about getting this thing paid off. Well, let me tell you something, they sent me a check in the mail for $486.86 because I paid much more than I owed. Come on now. Is anybody tracking with me today? There is much more grace has been afforded to us than we understand. Much more righteousness that's been given to us than we could have ever imagined because God is a much more kind of God.

Would you stand to your feet with me today? Listen, you heard several testimonies this morning of miracles, healings, answered prayers started off the week this week. Monday morning. My phone goes off and I call her mama. But my best friend's mama we've been praying for she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. She went through all the all the process and we had just been praying. God take care of this. There was a lot of attacks a lot of emotional attacks love the enemy wanting to create fear. We just began to pray. I'm telling you one day standing right here. The family was all gathered and I mean just the presence of God felt any it was like at that moment. This thing is done. She called me on Monday morning and she was about to shout there on the phone. And she said my doctor just called and I'm cancer free.

A lot of you might know James Tooley James and Bernice. James just came through one of the most horrific ordeals our whole prayer team our whole staff everybody was praying for James and he had been diagnosed with cancer on his tongue and lymph node and man he went through a horrible time. Just recently he got a message that he was cancer free. This past week. He contracted COVID and now he's lying in the bed and for two days he hadn't been able to eat or swallow. Yesterday, Bernice calls me now may not be saying this word for word correctly. But she said he just came through and was just declared cancer free and I'll be darned if COVID is going to take. We pray he hadn't eaten in two days. She texts me first thing this morning. She said he's up and eaten waffles. This morning, standing right there on the corner of that altar area. The Gary Verbal came down and“He says, I have to a minor and a major prayer request, said the major is that I have a benign tumor in my brain and I have tendinitis in my left ear”. For three and a half years, this has been going on. We just prayed a simple prayer and y'all immediately, it left. After three, he had not even told his wife what was going on because he didn't want to. He didn't want to worry her or cause her to be fearful.

But immediately, God healed that tendinitis in his ear immediately that God is able to do the impossible. Now listen, we're going to pray. But I want to first of all, if you're in the house, and you'd say, I need a miracle. I need God to show up. I need healing. I need a financial breakthrough. I've got a family situation, whatever it is, if you had say, I need one of those miracles, would you just slip your hand up? You slip your hand. Come on all over the place. God's going to do something in the house this morning. He's going to do something in the house this morning. You're going to get a break through this morning. If you're in the house this morning, every head bowed every eye closed if you're in the house this morning, and you'd say I don't have a relationship with Jesus.

I don't know. I don't have that relationship and if he's really willing to come where I am because I've tried and I can't get to where he is. If he loves me that much, that he'll save me. Then I need that Jesus. You may have never had a relationship with him or maybe you used to walk with Him and you walked away. But either way, God is here to meet you. Right where you are this morning. If that's you this morning, with every head bowed and every eye closed. Would you just slip your hand up and rock back down and say I need Jesus this morning? Come on, be honest. Thank you. Is there another this morning? Thank you. God bless you guys. Thank you says God bless you. Is there another in the house this morning? Yes.

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