Online Schedule

We still have ministry for your whole family! Here is our schedule for video and downloadable content. If you have questions or difficulty accessing anything- please contact us via email - or through Facebook Messenger or Instagram direct messaging.  We are here to help!


    8:00 AM - Kid’s Ministry Sunday service (Here and Facebook)

    11:00 AM - Sunday worship service (Facebook, Youtube, Box Cast app for smart tv)

    3:00 PM- Epic Small Group Curriculum posted (3/29)

    3:30 PM- Epic Checkup (Zoom- Request Invite


    12:00 PM - Tribe Devotion & Video (Zoom- Request Invite)

    7:00 PM - Prayer (Facebook Livestream)



    9:00 AM - Epic Weekly Message (Prerecorded)

    7:00 PM - Young Adults Small Group (Zoom- Request Invite)


   12:00 PM - Kid’s Ministry service (Kid's Ministry Page and Facebook)

   7:00 PM - MC3 Men online classes (Zoom)  Starts 4/1

                        Base camp - Duane Stenberg (Request Invite)  

                             Men’s Pt 1

                        Ascent - Alan Jones (Request Invite)

                             Men’s Pt 2

    7:00 PM - Real Women Small groups (Zoom- Request Invite)

    7:00 PM - Epic Message discussion (Zoom- Request Invite)




    12:00 PM - Seniors Ministry (Facebook)


Epic  - To join the daily DEVO on remind, TEXT @epicdevo to 81010