Counseling Pastors

Randy & Heather Kitchen

Randy Kitchen, MS., LPCi, LCDC is a Christian Counselor who applies, along with wisdom and guidance from the Bible, current theories and evidence-based therapies to his techniques in counseling a wide range of psychological problems.

In addition to practicing such counseling and offering sound, scriptural guidance, Pastor Randy seeks the involvement of God’s Holy Spirit throughout the entire process. He offers a unique perspective, through his years of training and experience, in the realms of Biblical Counseling, Behavioral Therapies, Couples Counseling (marriage and premarital), Anger Management, Dual-Diagnosis Treatment, and Addiction Management (both chemical and process addictions).

Pastor Randy holds a BA in both Psychology and Religious Studies, as well as a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology, with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy, from California Lutheran University. With over 15 years of counseling experience in such environments as residential, treatment centers—one for children of all ages and genders and one for clients struggling with dual disorders—Pastor Randy is also a highly skilled life coach, guiding individuals in need of developing their personal and professional life skills. He has been on staff as the Pastor of Counseling Services at Mustang Creek Community Church since the Spring of 2009, and is the Director of the Family Life Coaching and Counseling Centers.


Along with Pastor Randy, her husband of 21 years, Heather Kitchen further supports their church ministries by blessing every individual she encounters. Whether it is the babies and young children of the Nursery, the young people of the church who seek out her advice, couples and singles in Re-engage and Celebrate Recovery, women in Women’s Ministries, Bible study groups, or anyone needing Spirit-filled prayer, Heather is exactly what one needs. Her gentle, caring nature, words of encouragement, and spirit of hospitality touch everyone at their deepest point of need. In addition to her church ministries, Heather exemplifies the Godly mother to her and Pastor Randy’s two sons—one of whom has special needs. She is a devoted wife and a constant support to her ‘family’ that far exceeds those merely of blood.